If your project requires precise placement and proper depth of clear stone, sand or gravel, there is simply no better option than enlisting stone slinger services to complete the job. Armored Concrete has years of experience providing stone slinger service in Orillia, Muskoka and surrounding areas, serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers.


There are many more advantages to using our stone slinger service, including:

  • Slingers have a conveyor system to deliver and place a variety of products (stone, gravel and sand)
  • Stone slingers make the job of placing drainage stone inside and outside a foundation easier and quicker
  • The system eliminates the need for shovels, wheelbarrows and extra man hours
  • Slingers can deliver/distribute product up to 80’
  • Slingers are radio remote controlled which helps in the placement of products in hard to reach or hidden areas
  • Large fleet of trucks ensures prompt delivery
  • Servicing both commercial and residential customers