Protect Your Property, Protect Yourself


Is your home vulnerable to flooding? Water damage can have a long-lasting impact on your property. So if you’re looking to protect your home, our team is here to help. We offer reliable, cost-effective home waterproofing solutions for customers in Orillia and Muskoka.


Water damage can do more than just impact your property from an aesthetic perspective. It can also, in some cases, cause serious structural damage. At Armored Concrete, our goal is to help you avoid the problems associated with water damage by providing thorough waterproofing services. Your home is a significant investment, so don’t run the risk of water-related problems and damage. Call us today for more information about our waterproofing services or to schedule an estimate for your home.



Armored Concrete is an authorized dealer and installer of WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING®


WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® features a flexible, polymer-enhanced waterproofing membrane (A). It’s expertly spray-applied by a trained select waterproofing contractor to seamlessly bridge foundation-settling cracks and seal out water penetration.


The NEW WATCHDOG® H3 provides up to 3x more hydrostatic head pressure resistance than other polymer modified asphalt emulsions!  WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. It’s backed by a 10-year transferable performance warranty. The membrane is 40 mils thick when cured – at least four times thicker than a typical damp proofing application.  It’s spray-applied by Select Barrier Solutions Contractors to seamlessly bridge foundation settling cracks and seal out water penetration.